It will make your mind serene and your thoughts spiritual. There will be no space for enmities or rivalries in your thoughts and you will treat all people with love and affection. You will sincerely try to recall the memories of those who stood by you during hard times.

It seems somebody has branded you as quarrelsome and short-tempered. With retrograde Saturn guarding your attitude, your thought process may acquire new symptoms. You may find yourself quarrelling with close friends or colleagues at the workplace.

You may be in the know of things that the charisma hanging around your personality is on the wane but you will remain hypocritical. You may want to inflate it by hook or crook.

Are you all these days basking in the glory of newly-acquired friends from the opposite sex? Your bonhomie will continue as you look strongly determined to carry forward your relationship. But you may find a plethora of strings being linked to your new and emerging relationships.

Communication gaps may spoil your relations in and out. You may face the ire of cousins or friends staying long distance for your failure to communicate important things on time. Or, you may be given an earful by higher-ups at work due to misunderstandings emanating from communication gaps.

Short-temperament and impatience will guide your activity and interactions. People low in stature may come in contact with you and you will not mind moving with them to protect your interests. If you are in public life, you may try to highlight yourself as an alternative to established personalities

People close to you may not doubt your abilities and intentions. But, with your activity coming to a standstill, you will find it hard to move forward. This may irk you as it allows people around to indulge in some sort of guessing game on what you are going to do.

If you are unconscious of your dusty surroundings, you may attract cold or some sort of allergy. Keep off unhygienic places, untidy water fronts and dusty roads. Don’t take cold food as hygienic food only can help you remain fit.

Are you trying to fault some of your colleagues at your workplace? Your efforts to find loopholes in their activities may fail you leaving bouts of disappointment. It seems your bête-noirs are gradually gaining strength with a systematic approach.

In each and every aspect that you are dealing with, people around may see a new and innovative angle. They may draw logical meanings from your actions and assertions. You may agree with them but your purposes can be different at every stage.

As Northern Node influences your ruling quarters, you may maintain a low profile at home or workplace. People around may feel that you are speaking incoherently with colleagues at your workplace and your confusion could be the reason for this.

Partnership or customer issues will grab most of your time. You may attend business seminars or start-up sessions that may bring you in contact with more business leaders or prospective customers.