It seems you are on a mission of setting things in order. You may be in a frenzied hurry to streamline things and see order is restored. This is good for you as it suits your intentions and people around may also change their opinion about you.

The day’s celestial influences will help you plan well and take appropriate decisions on matters pertaining to children’s academic pursuits. But, with Moon transiting in a debilitation zone, your son or daughter will find it difficult to accept your viewpoint.

You may visit elderly people to pay respects or younger siblings may visit you to pay obeisance. There will also be exchange of gifts or ideas and your home may witness some activity.

Your recent failures can become the topic of the town and higher-ups at the workplace may fault you. Your lame excuses for a series of failures may not be acceptable and you will be under pressure to choose between a smooth-running career and extracurricular activity that keeps you engaged mostly.

With benefactor Mars controlling your fortunes, you will let others know that you will not just remain a dreamer. People around will recognise your hard work and commitment that you display. You will prove you are totally different from others in every respect.

Strong desires and dreams will keep you active. You will feel that dreaming is your virtue and it is necessary for your future. As benefactor Venus continues to call the shots in your work arena, you will feel energetic and enthusiastic and move with a positive attitude.

But someone may ask you how far you have assessed and understood your ambitions. It would be better if you act according to priorities instead of working on vague goals. Goals may be right but be clear with your priorities.

You will be treated as something special by people around you. You will also find that some of your bête-noirs are turning into admirers. At the workplace, you will find more appreciation pouring in for your work that no one has dared to touch.

If you have bank loans or immediate commitments, you will be under pressure to address procedural issues. You may get busy meeting people to mobilise resources to sort out things. It seems you are lacking in financial discipline.

Despite the fact that you need to consolidate resources first, you seem to be working independently to implement your ideas quickly. This is good but you seem to be forgetting the reality staring at you openly.

You may find time to meet friends and discuss ideas with an open heart. But the day’s celestial influences show that your friends may come out with different ideas instead of encouraging you on your original proposals. Try to explore them.

It seems your troubles emanating from involvement in questionable episodes are not yet over. Your eagerness to seek guidance from friends in power to overcome the troubles will keep you active. You will be sure of meeting objectives.