You are no doubt moving with some strategy in mind and all your actions and assertions indicate the strength of your strategies to those who can read them. However, it is high time that you recognised the need to change your strategies lock, stock and barrel to outsmart your rivals.the day.

Are you restless going through a difficult phase of turbulence and uncertainties? It seems for the present that you are totally relying on a few people who are very helpful to you. But you may not be sure of help forthcoming from them in future.

You may be eager to enhance your social circle. But to achieve this, you need to give up vacillating attitude towards friends, especially towards those from the opposite sex.

Avoid long driving, visiting lakes, rivers and hilly regions. Don’t be part of groups indulging in merry making misadventures. If you have scheduled your travel for the day for important purposes, find out if you can avoid it.

Your logical assertions and newly cherished love and affection towards some of the people around you may pose several questions. Doubts surrounding you and your initiatives may continue to confuse others and turn into a giant embarrassment  later on.

You may develop a pessimistic feeling that you are being neglected by your colleagues at the workplace or by your family members at home. It may be a puzzle for you to know why others are not caring for you.

The conflict with your father or a fatherly person at home will continue. A plethora of ideas running through your mind on how to make him agree to your proposals keeps you on tenterhooks.

The day suits you very well if you want to pursue love matters. With Mars influencing your attitude, you may be aggressive in conveying your love to your sweetheart. Dragging your feet on this matter will not take you anywhere. So, go ahead and do it with confidence.

You may attend functions wherein books are released or scholars unveil their work. You may be emboldened with your new associations and this can be the first day of your growing contacts with high society. You will feel elated and blessed.

You will successfully prove that you can benefit from others’ troubles. You will not mind about the feelings of others but you would be ready to exploit the weaknesses of others to your advantage.

You will be very cool as against your natural fiery temperament. The reason is you can’t be fiery and aggressive as you pay attention to the aspects of your college-going son or daughter. It is also within your knowledge that your son and daughter are also basically aggressive.

Don’t think that you can call the shots each time and each day. As your professional rivals await your follies, you should be highly cautious. Don’t underestimate anyone.