Health concerns of kids or elders at home may rob most of your attention. If you are addicted to irregular food habits due to work pressures, try to cultivate a schedule to streamline your intakes. Give top priority to your health more than any other thing.

With exalted Moon receiving multiple influences from Scorpio, you will be guided by a pleasant and cool thinking. You may give up your hurried activity related to business matters and review your proposals on a priority basis.

Unforeseen snags may put on hold scheduled arrival of funds. Try to recall if you have run into a tiff with any lady officer in recent times with regard to your payment. It could be the reason for the delay and you will end it on an unhappy note.

You may face hurdles if you are travelling and you need to be careful. You may give top priority for shopping but you will find your budget falling far below. The day will provide new avenues if you are a youngster.

It may be due to your closeness with criminal minded people who are under scanner by law enforcement agencies. Don’t move too close with people of questionable nature to avoid future embarrassment. Be selective of friends.

You may decide on meeting some of your old friends from the opposite sex. It might be a good idea for you to indulge in some sort of celebration but you will not find much encouragement from friends who might be tied down with prior engagements.

You may attend a high-level meeting or event where you will interact with members of the fair sex from influential groups. In fact, the fair sex would consist of major chunk of your friends’ circle at any point of time.

You may strive to find the reasons that made you a loser with a view to apply corrections in your further dealings. The review may force you to take firm decisions at the end of the day.

Despite having a comfortable financial position, you may be dissatisfied with your bank balance. You may want to see the balance grow and grow, and you may initiate steps in that direction. But there may be one thing you must know.

You may be targeted for not caring for them or for not maintaining certain standards in treating them. You may be dangerously branded as a personality of moods. Try to maintain consistency in your relations with near and dear ones.

Are you a leading public personality? You may attend to task after task drawing appreciation from all around. Surely, it reveals your desire to achieve something concrete in a phased manner rather than pull big surprises all of a sudden.

It seems you are not in the nature of taking humiliation lightly. You may not bother about giving up even your relationships for the sake of self-respect. A slip of tongue from your spouse in the course of normal arguments over petty issues may infuriate you.