Are you facing repeated complaints that you are not sparing as much time for family as you spare for friends? Don’t get upset if family elders say that you don’t know your priorities. The day may reveal you are wrong in your assessment and you need to rethink on priorities.

Your bank balance will be steady but the day may result in your expenditure exceeding the estimates. Still, there will be no dearth of funds for you to go ahead with your activity.

You may attract cold and fever. Avoid consuming cold-contributing food stuffs and drinking cool drinks. You would do better by skipping work and taking a full day’s rest. Traveling is not good for you.

You may attend a social get-together in your neighbourhood participating in friendly and festive events. The day will fetch some new friends to cherish. If you are a college-going girl, you may tell lies to parents and attend events at your favourite pub.

With your confidence levels being high, you may be on the path of misadventures due to forced closeness with newly acquired friends. You can avoid certain troubles by just keeping off men and women of imprudence and unabashed nature.

Have you promised a visit to a rare temple along with family members but found no time to fulfil your vow? Make it possible as the day’s celestial influences are poised to multiply your initiatives if you are well-intentioned.

You will be mentally prepared to take a dressing down from higher-ups on your deviations or failures. This is not a good day to undertake travels for personal or professional purposes. You may also hear disturbing news.

Your presence may be required at the workplace due to compulsions. The day looks frustrating as certain things are not in your control. You may curse yourself for what is happening to you. You will feel you are the most unfortunate person among all living beings on this earth.

You may show interest in meeting the newly acquired friends of the opposite sex. You will be successful in short travels for professional purposes but long-distance communications may bring in disturbing news.

With multi-celestial activity taking place in your discomfort zone, you may develop shoulder pain, most probably on the left side. If you are already down with such problems, there will be more suffering and you may see your physician.

You will not be a happy person despite working hard and achieving your goals. You may feel you should have higher targets that you can easily achieve. A strong feeling that your services are not fully utilised by higher-ups will haunt you.

Do you have a large workforce with you? There may be trouble from one of your managers or partners who may mishandle things. Due to their arrogance, small things may be blown out of proportion leading to an abnormal situation on your premises.