Your love for people will reach peaks and you will go all out to exhibit your feelings. The day will bring out maximum from inner emotions and a genuine give and take spirit will guide you in dealing with others.

The day will keep you occupied with thoughts about friends from the opposite sex.If you don’t have friends from the opposite sex, you may think of attending events to make a beginning to acquire one.

Are you looking after major responsibilities at work place? You will continue to be the butt of criticism from far and wide. You may fumble repeatedly in your assertions and people around may say that you don’t deserve the position you are enjoying. 

All of a sudden, you may feel you are losing grip and people around are turning against you. You will realise there is little response to your initiatives at work place.

The day can change your priorities half way through. You may start fresh initiatives but you may develop second thoughts on continuing them under pressure from friends and family members.

A natural quality of generosity may grip your conscience and you may curse your behavior for not displaying it already. One of your neighbours or colleagues mayseek your help to tackle sudden financial crisis and you may extend helping hand.

If you are waiting to prove that your love is abundant like an unending sky, make use of your interactions properly by sticking to already made promises.

You may wake up to a planned, simple and tension free day. You may surprise people around with restricted schedule of food at home and outside. 

With Nodes tending to influence your expenditure and resource base, you may face positive or negative developments. If you are involved in public utility initiatives,success or failure depends on your behavior and attitude.

If you maintain positive attitude, best things will happen to you. If you are related to research-oriented activity, you will find your work receiving big boost with solid support from institutions. 

You are likely to spend most of your time with friends and you may go on shopping spree or visit entertainment joints to have fun. If your chosen friend is away from you, you may spend the day mostly discussing this and that on mobile.

Are you branded as a person in hurry by friends and well-wishers? They may be of the view you are prone to take short tempered decisions. If that is true, you should change your attitude.