You may feel fully secured in financial matters.Still, you will have enough funds left with you to handle key commitments of the day. You will feel confident in your activity.

You may not mind that family elders are worried about your open defiance of their diktats. They will find it hard to digest your behaviour. Your aggressive mannerisms and attitude will keep them worried.

You may be haunted by strong feelings that you are surrounded by men and women of hypocrisy and misleading nature. You may look for alternatives.

Your decisions and assertions may aim at highlighting small achievements as great ones. You may have several logical reasons to do this. But people around may try to point fingers at you saying that your real aims are totally different.

You may be at loggerheads with your father or a fatherly person at home. You may be under pressure to think too much of small things that you should have left to the care of somebody else. But, have you ever thought of allowing others to share key domestic chores?

Opportunities may widen and the world will look brighter than ever for you. It can surely be a herculean task for you to zero in on options. You may delay things but ultimately, your decisions and actions will be on the right path.

You may begin the day making slight changes to agenda. Taking precautions to ensure that your mindset is properly tuned to suit the circumstances, you may look for concrete support. Your friends may extend support by sending a clear message they are also with you.

Your feelings of loneliness may evaporate. You will draw solace in the company of new acquaintances and feel that the world is opening up for you. Thinking that you are an achiever, you will feel you have to achieve more in life.

It seems you are passing through difficult times. If you are in public life, people may begin counting your follies.However, if you have made impracticable promises to anyone, it would be better if you realise your follies.

Your journey may also turn tedious and you may look dissatisfied due to delay and other reasons. At the end of the day, you may feel that you have unnecessarily undertaken the journey.

If you are sick, you will find reasons to strictly enforce food discipline. Commitment to schedules and enough sleep will improve your immunity. Don’t deviate from mainstream activity for the sake of unproductive and illogical reasons.

Going against natural behaviour, you may turn quarrelsome and impatient over petty issues.A strong suspicion will haunt you that your colleagues are finding ways to make you responsible for some of their failures.