Your team may be confronted with new technical problems at the workplace. Instead of waiting for somebody to take the lead to solve the issue, why don’t you prepare yourself to take the initiative and arrive at a logical conclusion? You are advised not to waste your precious time as the right decisions at the right time will pay you rich dividends.

The day will be productive with detailed info accruing to you on future initiatives. You may decide to postpone action on present projects or think of launching new ones on the advice of family elders and friends.

It seems you are accustomed to speak on issues that gain significance years later. It may be good in its true sense and correct in your view but people around may blame you for not thinking of the immediate future.

You will have a pleasant day at your workplace and enjoy conjugal happiness at home. It will be smooth sailing for you as you try to finish the tasks on time. Excellent relations with colleagues and good understanding of issues will keep you going.

If you are dealing with bigger projects or initiatives, you may interact with top officials but don’t expect instant positive response from them. There may be flaws in your explanation and you may not be able to explain the feasibility and sustainability of your initiatives.

Presence of fiery entity Mars in your luck zone will force you into developing an attitude of confrontation in official interactions. If you are involved in love affairs, your heart throb may find it difficult to handle you. Irritation and impatience will guide you.

Your marketing strategies will attract potential customers and help you achieve time-bound targets. But you may tend to keep your investment decisions pending even as you think of their pros and cons in the long term.

Your sustained efforts to go ahead with some innovative initiatives may meet with resistance from others and your solid attempts to nullify their actions may not yield results. As Mars and Sun square each other, it may be beyond your capacity to deal with them.

You will find the day productive and lucrative and there may be new agreements or conclusions. Presence of the Moon in ruling quarters will keep you highly determined and you will move with a plan to finish things. You will clinch deals making them advantageous for you.

The day is good to make your moves in earnest. Take time to visit officials to get clearances for pending initiatives. Your assertions will have super clarity and your messages will touch the hearts of others directly.

Keep off controversial people and disputes that you come across as part of your official chores. At the workplace, you may be dragged into arguments and counter arguments but it would be better if you maintain neutrality without taking sides.

It seems you are confident of achieving your mission. But it seems you have not ensured to keep your plans without flaws. Someone may point out that you have not paid much attention to critical issues raised by some of your team members.