Are you worried about continuous failures in your activity? It is an open fact that you work very hard towards meeting your obligations and reaching your targets on time. So, you should not blame yourself for failures.

Despite your financial status being satisfactory, you may run short of funds to meet unexpected commitments. You may be on the lookout for sources to borrow funds. You will find it easy to get timely support from friends and cousins.

Your options will be wide open and you will be a free bird with no restrictions. You will find ample time to meet your near and dear ones and discuss mutually interesting issues. You will also find that your professional revenues are going up as a result of your hard work.

Based on hearsay, you may tend to mix your priorities with those of others camping around you. It seems you are proving true the assertions of others that your opinions are easily manageable.

Your financial status will be satisfactory and you will fulfil key commitments on time. With Mars influencing your ruling quarters, there might be positive announcements at the workplace on pending promotions or requests for hike in monetary benefits.

Love and affections will rule your day and you will be affectionate to one and all. But you may come across people, mostly from relatives, who provoke you with illogical and irrelevant arguments.

You will easily adjust yourself with the new environment and people. You will take the day in your stride knowing things and establishing new relationships. You will feel this is the change you wanted and this is the day that you waited for.

You may be active on social media but a strong feeling may haunt you that it is not of much use to you. You will feel that it can be a platform for those without work. For a while, you might be in confusion not knowing what you exactly want from friends staying long distance.

Have you set yourself high goals? But you may be aware that your resources are very much limited and need to be augmented. You must know that you should have unlimited resources to fulfil your dreams.

It seems you are a deeply worried person now. Can you deny that your strategies are boomeranging and your rivals are trying to make use of the delicate situation that you have pushed yourself into.

The day will disappoint you in financial matters. If you expect to receive funds from official agencies for your services, you may face undue delay. If you hope to get a project in your favour, things may change at the eleventh hour due to complaints from professional rivals.

You may be eager to link issues not related to each other with a view to getting some undue mileage for your activity. This is not good for your future growth as people around you can easily see your game plan.