But you may be under pressure to develop an attitude of enmity towards some people known to you for a long time. You may bump into old friends during visits to temples, schools or colleges and you will resurrect your old relations.

You will look intransigent on your ideas and try to vindicate your stand on issues of importance. But you will find people trying to change your ideas citing logical and illogical reasons. You will feel you are right in every perspective but there will be few takers for your reasoning.

You will hear great and thought-provoking words from your son or daughter. You will find that they are more confident and flexible than you in their assertions. It may be surprising for you that they are taking each and every aspect of life very seriously unlike you. You will realise that they are morally stronger than you in all respects.

But you may run short of funds resulting in failure to meet commitments of the day. You may go for hand loans from friends and cousins. You will run through a mixed atmosphere at the workplace with most of your tasks getting delayed.

The day is good to pursue love matters. If you have just entered into a love relationship, the day will open new vistas to know more about each other and strengthen your relationship. Visit a temple or serene place with your heartthrob for exchanging ideas and aspirations.

You may lose your discretion and indulge in abuse of others for silly or serious reasons. Knowing full well that it is not your forte to respond to provoked remarks, you may allow yourself to be dragged into useless arguments. To avoid this, start your day with mediation.

It seems you are a good event manager and organiser. But you may be poor in assessing the mindset of people and selecting your friends. Occasionally, you may be releasing this fact whenever you are taken for a ride by your so-called friends.

People around may say that your actions are not in tune with your assertions. Since you know it better than anybody else, you are advised to maintain perfect balance between your thoughts and actions to ensure that your psychological equilibrium is balanced.

Are you sulking about being a forgotten celebrity related to the fashion and entertainment industry? You may suddenly come into the limelight without your involvement. If you are a performer, you may sign new assignments and go places. .

You will put in efforts to question people around you for bypassing your commands. You may stress the need to observe rules and discipline at the workplace. With Mercury keeping company of Venus and Sun, you may display irritation in your personal or official interactions.

Developing strong liking for old habits and friends, you may tend to attend evening parties where you can meet some childhood friends. Sudden shifts in your attitude may keep your spouse and family elders worried. Your spouse may oppose your new ideas and interests citing logical reasons.

You may take key decisions on important issues that would be helpful to family members. But you should be careful in matters of health. If you have BP issues, you may find your BP levels reaching extreme low or high levels.