Financially, you will be on top. You may spice up your relations on a priority basis. You will meet friends from the opposite sex, and enjoy your leisure time. You may run into unexpected expenditure adding to the burden of your commitments but you will not feel it.

Are you a public personality? You may be involved in a flurry of activity meeting people at home or visiting places in your jurisdiction. It may be part of your plans to buttress your public image in the society.

This can be the day for you to decide on your likes and dislikes for certain individuals in your circle. You may not like their materialistic attitude and greediness. It won’t be a big problem if you want to set your preferences and priorities

It will be a special day for you with a lot of memories to cherish in the company of friends and well-wishers. You will feel elated with your thoughts culminating in a grand finale and showing you on a new pedestal.

You may be under severe pressure to impose key restrictions on your food habits. There can be mental agony with some dead controversial issues coming to the fore and bothering you.

There may be arrival of guests and you will be preoccupied with taking them out for shopping and sightseeing purposes. If you belong to the fair sex, you may acquire new jewellery.

It can be a great day for you with spiritual and philanthropic thoughts gripping you. You may discuss certain charity proposals with your earning children. Your day will end on a satisfying note.

If you have an important task on hand, you may run out of resources and feel restless for your inability to complete it. Lack of concentration on your task could also be one of the reasons for your failure.

Your involvement in controversies in the past will come to the fore. You may be the subject of discussion in your neighbourhood and also at workplace. Your old friends may bump into you suddenly. Avoid too many interactions.

With Jupiter getting squared by Mercury, a strong feeling of insecurity will haunt you. You will feel you are a loner on this planet earth and no one is there to support you. To avoid this, just go to a movie or spend your time with friends / cousins.

If you are a love bird, you will find that your loved one has been sulking. You may not be given a chance to know why. You may try to recall the incidents involving both of you in the recent past and assess where you hurt her / him.

Take extra caution to ensure that your plans would not go astray or be misconstrued. You will expect others to be fair in their transactions with you but things are bound to go wrong due to your blind belief in others or sheer negligence on your part.