If you are a key person at workplace, you may hear of being elevated to more powerful position with more responsibilities being added to your authority. There can be continuous flow of congratulatory messages from colleagues and well-wishers.

Even as you move with friends and attend parties, your desire to move to alien lands for higher learning or earning will also draw your immediate attention. You will find it necessary to discuss your ideas with friends and others.

You will succeed in creating an impression that flexibility is your forte and hardworking nature is your virtue. The day will give you confidence and courage in dealing with financial matters and planning to elevate financial status.

If you have scheduled return journey home from somewhere, it may be unduly delayed. Celestial influences suggest that your journey will be delayed either at departure point or midway. You may miss important appointments or meetings at workplace  due to delay.

The day is yours if you are related to sports or adventurous activity in any way. If you have scheduled a trekking programme for the day, ensure that you are not alone in your activity. Don’t deviate from your usual path.

You are specially advised to avoid travelling to water fronts and hilly regions. If you are actively involved in tourism related business, your revenue may go down drastically. You may receive useless phone calls.

Official or personal interactions with others may turn controversial. You may try to fulfil dreams of family members but feel you are running out of funds. Despite being confident that friends and family members are supporting, you may feel handicapped somehow.

You may fear that people around are entertaining certain pre-conceived notions about you. Most of them may think you are the most intransigent person and can’t be easily convinced. They may also think that you are quick enough to react early and most illogically.

With Mars controlling your attitude and thought-process, your aptitude will change considerably. You may not feel great about people moving around you but you will think greatly of people living far away from you.

If you have strained your relations with colleagues in recent times, you may add more strains by being aggressive and short-tempered. If you have good relations, strains may trespass into your relations. Adopt a cautious approach.

It would be very hard for others to convince you and make you fall in line with them. Because of your intransigence, you may lose great opportunities or great friends during the day.

You will be agitated and happenings around may keep you restless. You may suspect that people around have ganged up against you and are out to denigrate your stature in society.