Are you a big businessperson dealing with high volumes of business? Meetings with men and women in authority may also form part of your priorities for the day and big deals with influential people are on the anvil.

People close to you may feel that there is no change in your attitude and you are repeatedly committing the same mistakes again and again. You should recognise that successful people are great learners and failures are results of non-learning.

You may think it necessary to gain knowledge of things which you are not aware of. You may feel you are well-versed in your sphere of activity but your thirst to gain more knowledge and reach the ultimate stage will keep you restless.

You may be held solely responsible for failing to assess the intensity of your problems. If you look back, you will realise you have made a big mistake. You must know that smaller things must be tackled effectively.

But with the Moon coming under the influence of Jupiter and Mars, you may be very strong mentally. You seem to be looking for younger friends and especially for those from the opposite sex. Those who know you closely may say you are unnatural in your desires.

You will have a relatively less peaceful day at home and workplace. Thinking of your delicate financial position and the bleak prospects ahead, you may tend to postpone key commitments. Your worries will prevent you from taking important decisions.

Learning new things may be your prioritised agenda for the day. You may join new courses for improving knowledge base or for furthering your career. Looking for new knowledge centres, you will find it necessary to meet knowledgeable men and women.

You may tend to go into the root cause of your problems to seek permanent solutions instead of looking for instant solutions. You may be well aware that temporary solutions are only stop-gap arrangements.

You may be at loggerheads with some of your colleagues at your workplace or one of the family members at home. If you are young, you may antagonise your father or a fatherly person with your illogical actions. You will look impatient.

You may be dynamic in your own way but try to send across a message to people around that you are not in a hurry to get your things done. You may adopt a direct approach asking them to do things perfectly, even with some delay.

New groups or individuals may flock to join hands with you to become part of your activity. People will be eager to share their ideas and proposals and work in an atmosphere of togetherness. Your working relations will continue to grow steadily.

Heavy dose of entertainment may keep you occupied. You may be tied up with visits to cinemas, parks or events along with your spouse and children. But you may be worried that things may not be in order at the workplace in your absence.