Your thoughts will revolve around the luxurious life you experienced, the people you dealt with and the places you visited. You will feel the difference in the treatment meted out to you then and now and will be determined to regain your lost glory.

The issue may relate to your daughter or son. You will be under pressure to pay attention to solve nagging issues. With your hands full, you will find it necessary to cope with increasing workload.

Unfulfilled spousal commitments may form a major part of issues that seek your attention. With Saturn continuing to move in retrogression, spousal questioning may baffle you. You may not have convincing answers ready with you. So, make spousal relations your priority item this week.

This will help you pay attention to issues concerning children and take steps towards refining their tastes. You will hear good things about them and their successful participation in events will impress you. Time to initiate steps to let them develop their own skills.

You should be conscious of your transactions with members of the opposite sex as small disputes may be magnified. It would be better if you avoid involving colleagues from the opposite sex in money matters. Independent dealings will keep you peaceful.

Under pressure to review recent investments, you may think of opting for high-yielding areas. But your celestial influences say that you need to be highly cautious as the Sun gets influenced by retrograde Saturn from Aquarius. You should be cautious of unsolicited advice.

Somebody may try to poach into your sphere of activity. You may inadvertently reveal key information or somebody may steal your information. You are advised to protect your domestic or work information for your safety.

At the workplace, you will find some of your colleagues helping you with confusing technicalities so that you can restart the tasks. Celestial influences of the week will help you remove misunderstandings and strengthen your relations.

You may hear great things about friends or colleagues. Friends and parties may be your world and short travels are on the anvil. The week can produce more fun and entertainment. But be prepared to take a dressing-down from family elders.

Your assertions will show symptoms of helplessness and convey a message that you need strong support. You will fail to look at the brighter side of things. In private interactions, you may speak with authority but in public engagements, you may fumble.

If you are trying to repair strained spousal relations with somebody’s help, your efforts may face hurdles. Despite your strong efforts, you will get contradictory signals. You may find it necessary to respond independently to spousal moves.

Consolidating present relations and building new relationships may top the priority list this week. You will be active, energetic and peaceful in your approach. Sober thoughts and friendly disposition will guide you. You will think of ways to cement relations with friends, cousins and partners irrespective of their social or financial status.