With Jupiter entering a decisive phase in your ruling quarters, you will have a peaceful week ahead. As several heavenly factors begin working in your favour, you will find it easy to manage commitments. You might have come out of your recent vulnerable position with the support of friends and well-wishers.

With Mars set to influence your intelligence, you may change your priorities this week. You may chalk out your strategy in consultation with people around. If you are in public life, you are likely to visit places which you frequent to meet people.

With Mars and Mercury set to pass on trine influence against each other, long-distance travels will throw a big challenge this week. If you have scheduled trips, you would do better by postponing them. At the workplace, you may look embarrassed with a hostile atmosphere prevailing and backlogs mounting.

Blessed Jupiter’s continued influence on your ruling quarters will keep you happy this week. You must be basking in the glory of getting back your original form. If you are enjoying celebrity status, celestial influences of the week can bring in more opportunities pushing your career graph up.

You may be very dignified and royal in dealing with people. But the week’s celestial influences are such that you may tend to be deceitful to the core. You will be highly creative in avoiding answers to questions from your spouse.

With Mercury moving in retrogression, you will be a perfect mix of wisdom and emotions in your interactions. If you are a decision-maker in your organisation, you may decide in favour of utilising the services of relatively newcomers in solving key issues.

The week’s celestial influences will force you to think you are the commander of all people moving around. It seems you are trying to impose your will on people going against their sentiments. The more you stress on imposing your will on others, the more you will face resistance.

With both Saturn and Mars showering their influence on your attitude, you may toy with the idea of foraying into sorts of business while working for your organisation. This may be good for an idea but it may not materialise for you. Such ideas may not last long. Conjunction of Sun and

Love matters will flourish this week and if you are a loner looking for spousal partnership, the going will favour you. Involve yourself fully in your efforts. Combined journey of the Sun and Venus in Virgo will help you meet your partner.

The week’s celestial influences may produce surprises in conjugal relationships. You will be under pressure to answer questions raised by your spouse. Don’t try to hoodwink. As Jupiter moves in your celestial home, you can no longer mislead people.

You may feel you are witnessing sudden good things in your activity but in practice, things may not materialise. Your thought process will be vague and you may not know what you need exactly. Your failure to opt for clear priorities may not be good for you.

You should decide on pending issues without wasting time. If you are a decision-maker in your organisation, you had better speed up your decisions to avoid being branded as a master of indecisiveness. The more you delay your response on issues, the more it will complicate matters.