Your dedication to go deep into details and finalise plans at a single go will make others envious. Your determined rivals may change plans to take on you, and surprisingly, they may try to be friendly with you. Beware of their moves.

Tending to put on hold long-term targets temporarily, you will find it necessary to attend to promises made to friends and younger siblings at home. In the process, you may also want to redesign your long-term objectives.

You will prove that your word prevails over that of competitors and their efforts to denigrate your stocks in society will not succeed. You will strive to prove your credentials with all means available to you. As you work your way, you will prove your point.

Your inability to repay personal loans or interest on your loans may keep you worried. Just introspect over the reasons that forced you to obtain loans and how the funds were spent.

You will be a totally different person as you expect others to listen to what you say. You may misjudge spousal behaviour and misunderstand people and happenings around you.

You may be entrusted with key responsibilities at workplace and you will feel that you have won recognition for your work. You will learn that more and more people are looking forward for your guidance. If you have new members in your team, you will find that none of them fits the bill.

Things will come to a pass at nick of the moment though they look promising initially. You may look disturbed at workplace for various reasons and may not be able to pay concentration. Colleagues may think you are impatient.

With your convincing abilities ruling roost, people around may think you are highly intelligent. If you are related to commercial activity, you will appear fully energised. You will take good decisions.

Your worth and value will be up multifold as a result of your dedication at workplace. There will be quiet appreciation for your work and leadership abilities. Colleagues may speak greatly about you and you will be the content of discussion at informal interactions.

The day’s celestial influences will keep you highly satisfied in financial matters. As you see an upsurge in bank coffers, you will be left with reserves for special purposes. Giving high priority to future plans and ideas, you may consider immediate priorities as trifles.

You may be under stress as loan repayment pressure mounts day by day. Unabated phone calls from banks may irritate you. Your repeated efforts to enhance revenue volumes or expand present activity may not yield proper results. But you should keep trying and trying till you achieve what you want to.

It seems you are eager to discuss fresh ideas with friends. But make sure that your ideas have new content and are creative. If you try to put your old ideas and proposals in a new shape, you may be easily caught red-handed. Be innovative to the core.