You may be low-spirited but your thought-process will be different. You may be wondering as to what has happened to present initiatives. You might have met one of your friends seeking support for your initiatives but the needed support may not be forthcoming.

Your confidence levels will be low and you may feel your IQ is not enough to complete deals that you have left midway. Unusually, you may shed your aggressiveness and exhibit sobriety.

Love and affections will rule the day for you. If you want to begin your live-in relationship, the day will be favourable. If you are already in a live-in relationship, you may tend to initiate strong steps for cementing it.

You will be more dependable. Some of your friends may depend on you to come out of their problems. You may have high expectations about them and this could be the reason for your decision to help your friends in more ways than one.

You will recognise the need to have new companions to drive away your loneliness. But note that too much dependence on social media to make new friends may boomerang.

It is now clear that your intentions are good and your suggestions are practicable. But you should wake up to the reality that your intentions are being made fun of by some of the men and women close to you.

You may be under severe pressure to maintain balance between your expenditure and income. With a limited budget in your hands, exigencies will have no place in your priority list. In fact, it would be better if you limit yourself to immediate necessities while postponing other commitments for a later date happily.

You may take important decisions but you may change them again and again. Suspicions and fears will guide your activities and attitude for most part of the day. Lack of consistency in your thoughts may confuse others.

If you are seeking favors from them, you will get a clear message that things are not going to happen immediately. Their nonchalant attitude will make you understand that you are not a favoured person.

You will be in your elements looking active, aggressive and positive. People who think that you are unable to make use of your powers and abilities will be stunned as you reveal your original self. You will look determined.

A tedious day may push you towards taking decisions and withdrawing them again. This can be a chain reaction to assertions and actions of some other persons, probably siblings or friends.

Is somebody counting your mistakes one by one?  They might be interested in embarrassing you and pushing you to a corner. You may rightly feel you are now in a hapless situation having sleepless nights.