With your financial status zooming up, you will feel elated. With Mercury guarding your savings, bank balance of family members will also go up. 

You may be restless and irritated at workplace due to overload of work. Colleagues or your bosses may be impatient with your working style and find fault with you. 

Your working style will make others feel they are under pressure. Don’t create such feelings.

You may feel you are old and sick mentally but these feelings may have stemmed from your depressed thought process. 

The challenges may be beyond your expertise to tackle them efficiently. On domestic front, your spouse may report unexpected issues seeking your attention. 

You will act differently to what you preach or say to people around you. You will go to any extent to achieve your objective.

You may prioritise to expand your resource base first admitting more capable persons into your fold and expanding your network to cater to more consumers or customers.

If you are a technical professional, you may enter into communications with people staying away, trying to expand your customer base further.

Both hope and suspicion will guide your thought process and you will remain unsure if you can retain the name and fame that has accrued to you. 

You may be confronted with a dilemma as your mind pulls you in different directions forcing you to postpone crucial decisions. 

You being subjected to heavy pressure at workplace and you may be slow in attending to your tasks. If your activity is related to serving government agencies in any way, the pressure will be more and you may run out of time.

Your involvement in controversial issues and questionable episodes may come to the fore. Your rivals may be out to recall your suspicious credentials and point out how you have acted against established traditions.