At work, you may look fiery in temperament and strict in dealing with people surrounding you. Not tending to compromise on issues, you may reject suggestions to change key decisions. People around will talk about your adherence to rules and commitment to follow them.

If you have kept a trip pending for a long time, schedule your travel to get concrete results. If it is a trip aimed at visiting religious places along with family elders and friends, ensure that you are not dealing with new people during the course of the trip.

Retaining dynamism and confidence levels at home and workplace, you will feel totally different. At home, you will find things in perfect order. Realising that your spouse and children had worked hard in making the ambience clean and perfect, you will feel it necessary to appreciate them.

Aiming high in personal and working life, you will talk big and say bigger things to your spouse. At the workplace, you will talk about reaching high in your sphere of activity and reveal in your mind how you are going to achieve it. At the end of the day, you will not dilute your ambitions and thoughts.

You may hear pleasant news with regard to your efforts to visit alien lands seeking higher job or studies. If you are enjoying a holiday in your motherland, you may cancel your stay halfway through and go back to resume work on distant lands.

If you are a key person in your group at the workplace, you may be asked to take certain decisions on long-pending issues. You have to use your intelligence and diplomacy in arriving at decisions not hurting other members of your team. Try to be diplomatic in your interactions.

You may get ready to repay your credit card or personal loan dues fully or partially with the help of brothers or sisters. You will have plenty of time to think over financial problems and various ways to overcome them.

Your aggressive moods may surprise people around and your rivals may be stunned with your determined assertions. Your outbursts will make others think about you and change their opinions. You may make new friends and undertake short travels.

As stress takes a heavy toll on you, you may look very dull. You are no doubt capable of taking risks and sharing workloads of others but it can be totally different for the day. Notwithstanding your feelings or expressions, you may not mind sharing others’ work or working overtime.

But as the day improves, you may be alright and feel energetic. If you are in the habit of interacting with people of unhygienic habits in unhygienic places, you had better give it up. Try to cultivate hygienic habits to guard your health.

If you are involved in spiritual activity, your name and fame will reach peaks and you will be looked upon with reverence. If you are heading an organisation, you will carry high levels of respect from colleagues and subordinates.

Your love matters, especially issues related to live-in relationships, may get a big boost. The day will favour you and help you consolidate your relationship and bonding. There may be outings and pleasure trips that may further enrich your attachments with strong memories.