Is somebody at work place trying to outsmart you and claiming credit that should go to you? But the day’s celestial influences indicate that you and some of your colleagues are under observation by higher-ups

You will not be your useful self. Looking different and displaying rugged attitude, you may feel that you are supported by people who matter in society

 Your problems may relate to your behaviour towards people who worked for you once. But your ego may not allow you to accept your omissions and commissions. Don’t forget friends

There will be a sea change in your attitude and you may want others also to change their attitude. You may give lessons on being generous and in understanding the problems of others

If you plan to propose to your sweetheart, do it immediately as the day’s celestial influences are poised to give you success in such endeavours. You will also find your partner bold and forthcoming

You will be clearly under the influence of external forces. You may want to go slow on your initiatives and the circumstances also may force you to move at a snail’s pace

Are you at loggerheads with elder members at home? It may have become a common practice for you to treat near and dear ones as enemies. But have you ever realised that they treat you in the most respectable way

Things may look messy and you may look confused on your motives. Try to be clear on what you want to do and whether you have the resources to work on the tasks

It seems you have come up with novel ideas to sort out issues that remained unresolved for long. It is no surprise that you are getting full- fledged support from influential people as your motives are genuine

Disturbing things may happen in your secret business activities. If you are not into secret business, you may come in contact with people who are into secret businesses

 You will feel that you have become much stronger professionally than ever. However, people observing your behaviour and actions may feel you have become weaker

Feelings of loneliness and depressive tendencies will haunt you and you will feel defeated. You will realise that younger people are performing better than you and proving themselves