It seems you have been running out of time to discuss your investment plans with others. While you don’t find enough time to deal with the issue, you will get some productive and useful counselling from investment counsellors.

With an exalted Northern Node influencing your ruling quarters, you will feel blessed. Despite attending to heavy loads of work, you will not feel strained to accomplish your tasks at work place. Your attitude will be favourably disposed towards understanding others.

You can be a victim of professional rivalries. As your ruling entity Mercury moves in retrograde motion, you will be the butt of criticism from professional rivals. You may face the onslaught of repeated criticism from certain quarters but you are not a person to be provoked easily.

With retrograde Mercury camping in your celestial home and influencing social relations, your old friends, mostly members of the opposite sex, are likely to meet you. If you have lost something valuable in your home or at an entertainment event in recent times, you may get it back or hear some news on its possible recovery.

Despite having several friends on social media platforms, you would look for more friends. But you may not know why you need more friends. You may develop vague ideas on new social media contacts without knowing your agenda. You will aim at improving your image.

Celestial influences of the day indicate that you might have earned big name and fame with recent initiatives. People in your circle may be looking forward to something great from you this time. You will realise that people in your team have more confidence in you.

You may be a confused and dejected person with your heartthrob backtracking on love on some pretext or the other. You would not be able to digest the development. Assess the reasons and try to make amendments to your behaviour, if necessary.

You would also do better by postponing investment plans. The day is poised to give you bigger problems for smaller initiatives at the workplace. Think of your decisions once again before you proceed.

Things will not happen the way you want. You might be guided by a strong feeling that people you are dealing with are not your equals. It may force you to cancel your decisions and look for newer options. You will be gripped by several new ideas.

You will not miss an opportunity to be witty when you are with people. But one of your friends may object to your style of showering humour. You must know your comments should be in tune with the occasion.

You will find the day interesting and exciting. If you are in business, your business volumes are likely to go up beyond your expectations and with sudden happenings. With your bank balance keeping you extremely happy, you may tend to attend to pending commitments.

Despite sitting idle, you may feel tired. If you are working, you may feel like applying for a day’s leave and going home. You may simply not show interest in continuing your work. If you are a marketing person, you will simply skip your field work and kill your time chatting with friends.