Are you following friends’ advice on how to give up lethargy? You may be thinking of being more active and displaying more enthusiasm at workplace. You will begin the day slowly but pick up momentum as the day passes.

There may be a flurry of activity at home with arrival of guests. This could be the day you have been waiting for and you may like to give up your work to spend time with them.

Have you lost something valuable in recent times and given up hopes of recovering it? The day has the potential to give you a pleasant surprise and you may get back your lost item. 

You may not be in the habit of denying requests of people to lead them at times of crisis. You will get an opportunity to lead in an important task but you need to plan your moves perfectly to prove leadership qualities.

You may participate in events related to your sphere of activity. You are likely to meet well-known people and exchange information on topical issues.

You will learn great things including the fact that successes and failures are just like two sides of the same coin. You will realise that you should be mentally prepared to accept whatever comes your way.

You may learn that loan approvals are in the pipeline enabling you to plan your business or professional activity. Short travels will benefit you. 

Your speeches will have sharpness and be full of relevant content. If you are from the fair sex, you may play a significant role in decision-making and your spouse may guide you effectively on various aspects.

Are you vigorously pursuing academic interests? You may be preoccupied with tackling the obstacles coming your way. If you are a job seeker expecting results for competitive tests or interviews, you may hear disappointing news.

You may be concerned with dwindling financial status and growing number of commitments.  Finding yourself in hapless condition, you may look confused not knowing what to do. You may seek time to please them.

Your analytical skills will be greater and you would be very receptive to others’ reactions. If you are a member of the team involved in tackling tricky issues at work place, you will get attention of others as you work hard 

You may receive unsolicited advice from friends. You may seek to delay your initiatives as long as possible but your friends may encourage you to move ahead with plans on a priority basis.