It seems you are fully aware of the reasons that kept you in a dilemma on taking decisions.You will enjoy the liberty of clearing uncertainties that haunted you all these days. You will find it necessary to act as soon as possible.

You may try to halt implementation of some of your plans half way through. You will rightly feel you have excellent self-control on whims and fancies and also on sentiments and emotions. Some of the people around may call you an opportunist but actually this is a great quality of yours.

Your inherent desire to keep your table clean with no pending work will win you accolades from colleagues at the workplace. If you are a homemaker, keeping your dwelling place tidy will be your top priority.

Your father’s health issues or those of a fatherly person will draw your attention and you will be under pressure to do something. It is true that you love your father very much but allotting time for him may be a major problem for you.

The day can be unlucky as friends try to influence you into indulging in speculative activity. You may be ready to skip work to visit gambling centres or race courses but you should know you would be on the losing side.

Do you feel you have become weak mentally? Depressive attitude may prevent you from viewing positive things in what others say. You will also fear that your assertions may not be taken positively by others around.

As your ruling entity Venus now moves in the shadows of Northern Node, you will find it hard to agree with mother or a motherly person on important domestic issues. But your reasons for differing with her will look illogical and even your spouse may not appreciate you.

You may feel there is no need to work like a slave and the more you allow others to exploit you, the longer you continue to suffer. You may regret your inability to adhere to timings as others do. You shouldn’t hesitate to express your feelings.

You may now think of moving hand in hand with friends expressing readiness to support them. You will feel happy they have got ideas which have not cropped up in your mind.The day is yours and you will feel you are on the right path.

Moving with old friends, you may not mind emptying pockets to satisfy the senses. The whole day, you may go hither and thither visiting prohibited places. You may meet people with questionable social credentials and interact with them.

Moon’s blissful journey in Sagittarius will make you strong-minded and you will feel your planning skills are excellent. Your thought process would be similar to the peaceful flow of water in a river and your hope will take you forward on initiatives.

The day can be challenging in terms of reaching targets and it is high time that you start taking independent decisions to stay ahead in competition in professional matters. If somebody is guiding you at your workplace, you should prepare yourself to take the lead instead of being guided by others.