You will experience great warmth in your relations at home and workplace and enjoy the bliss. There may be the arrival of close cousins to further your happiness and you may go sightseeing or shopping. At the workplace, you will try to create a congenial atmosphere.

You may face obstacles as you try to implement your initiatives but you will successfully overcome them. union with near and dear ones is on the anvil and you may go into a celebration mode.

Love matters and issues of relationship will guide your day. You may prioritise your relationships and want to meet your loved ones to sort out issues and remove misunderstandings. In reshaping your relations, go by what your conscience says without hesitation.

It looks as if your plans have reached the final stage but you will be baffled with no concrete results. The day will force you to have some recuperation by attending entertainment events or visiting picnic spots with spouse and children for a change.

The day’s celestial influences may bring you disappointment if you are dealing with big investments. With your activity moving at a snail’s pace and your revenues dwindling, you may entangle yourself in discussions with friends on coming out of the piquant situation.

Your professionalism may be on the downslide with no one seeking your services and no one willing to tie up with you on projects in the immediate future. You may be anxiously waiting for phone calls that may speak of your necessity but as the day progresses, your disappointment will only grow.

You may find it obligatory to attend to them and provide proper medical care. You may repent for not thinking much of your parents all these days. You may feel duty-bound.

If you have lost any valuable item in recent times, you may get it back or hear something about it. If you are in love with somebody and rejected by your sweetheart, you may learn that your heartthrob has changed your heart in your favour.

You may feel you are in an uncomfortable zone despite others moving closely with you at your workplace. If you are working in a new environment, you are bound to feel more uncomfortable. Somehow, you may not like the people around you.

You may hear that one of your family members, your daughter or son staying in a foreign place, has settled well and learnt the nuances of living in a new culture wonderfully. You will visit a highly respected spiritual place which you frequent for mental peace.

You will have warmth in relations at home and workplace and enjoy the bliss. There may be arrival of long-distance guests furthering your happiness, fulfilling your dreams and buttressing your love and affections.

You can anticipate good results for your hard work. If you are related to research and an innovative field, you may receive encouraging phone calls. If your research work is in final stages, it may attract media attention.