Somebody may tell you that you are looking dull and ask you if you don’t have enough time for sleep. 

Love and affections will seek your time. You will be overpowered by your feelings as you choose to express them openly towards your near and dear ones. 

Are you an aged person? The day will bring cheers on your face. Your children may spare time to think of you and inquire about your welfare proving they care for you. 

Your higher ups may seek your valuable advice on a key issue bothering them. They may count upon you as your advice in the past had paid rich dividends and brought smiles on their faces. 

You will recognise the fact they need some change from routine schedules of academic work. This will give some sort of relief.

Your bank balance may inflate and the graph of your general status will move up vertically. You may be brimming with fresh ideas for launching new activity for further consolidating your status.

Bigger and risky tasks may seek solutions from you and you need to work with dedication to reach goals. Some may try to divert your attention but your energies and confidence will be unperturbed. 

Your thought process will be limited to the pros and cons of your actions towards your mother and how to overcome them. 

As a continuous seeker of change, you will explore new opportunities to boost up your profession or business.

 You will try to understand the goings-on with a strong desire to offer active participation in forthcoming events. You will feel elated.

A small lapse on your part may be magnified and you may be found fault with by higher-ups. Don’t deviate from your routine working style.

It seems you have abnormally crossed certain limitations while blaming others for your failures. Make sure that your mental condition is perfect in most respects.