Your journeys will be smooth and you will draw necessary spiritual strength. If you are undertaking professional trips, you will meet target people and arrive at decisions.

Despite your feelings that your value has gone up at workplace, you may worry that your worth is not truly appreciated. Your feelings will surely be understood by people concerned. You may get indications that something big is coming your way.

Are you a public personality dealing with groups of people? It would be hectic for you if you prefer to interact with new groups of people or individuals. You may visit new areas that you don’t frequent to meet people. 

It would not be favourable for you to launch new initiatives or entertain proposals from new persons. Be careful in your dealings with new persons.

If you are addicted to speculative activity, you will feel your hands are tied up and you are missing a chance to make money. Somebody close to you may say you are absent-minded.

Spousal issues may dominate your proceedings this week. If you plan to amend yourself for restoring normalcy, initiate your moves in good confidence to get positive results.

You will shed all inhibitions and feel free to adopt innovative methods to push forward your agenda at home and workplace. You would be mentally ready to implement your agenda with the support of friends and colleagues.

If you are in the habit of working hard neglecting health, you will realise you have gone astray. If you are also accustomed to share the burden of others on and off at workplace, give up that practice.

You may spare plenty of time for thinking about your future. Your thought process may relate to the execution of plans that you have unveiled and shared with people around you just few days back.

Your immediate priority will be to set right things and make them look organised. You may also give an earful to some colleagues, especially juniors, on the office etiquette and discipline.

You will complete the given tasks on time and your bosses may cite you as role model. You may not claim any credit for your achievements. You may feel that whatever you have achieved, it was a result of team spirit.

Becoming the target of activity of con men and women, you may be on the losing side. Take care to ensure that you are not leaking personal information in course of your conversation or in a fit of emotion.