Your efforts to emerge big in your sphere of activity and carve a niche for yourself may slow down due to several reasons.

Are you planning to review your financial position? You may be eager to ascertain your bank balance, debts, revenues and related matters.

If you have an appointment with higher-ups, you will get through well. If you are in a journey, it will be smooth and safe.

You will fully concentrate on preaching morals to people around you. But do you know that you and your actions are under their observation? It is up to you to show that you strictly follow the morals that you preach to others.

It seems you are worried over the frequent arrival of guests at home. Despite your disliking, you may not dare express your dislike openly but you may go satirical and deliver indirect comments against them.

IYou may try to shower favours on people who you think are your friends and ignore those who you consider inimical.

you will hear great things about one of your friends or about one of the youngsters at home. If you are the family head, you will find reasons to celebrate with family and friends.

How long is it since you have attended to domestic issues? Your spouse may seek an explanation for your not attending to domestic issues involving your son or daughter.

If you are a student pursuing your academic activity in a new environment, you will feel enthusiastic and confident. If you are looking for meaningful employment, opportunities will meet you.

There can be sudden developments with regard to your financial status and decreasing returns. Your idea of repaying loans partially and get some relief with the help of cousins or siblings may work.

Neighbourly relations will grab your attention and you may receive complaints against your naughty children. You need to pay immediate attention to the issue.

Do you feel that you are negligent of your future? Don’t skip opportunities coming your way just because you have some reservations.