You will begin the day on a positive note. You may be tempted to interfere in a quarrel among colleagues at work place and tender unsolicited advice. But you would do better by not indulging in such unwanted interference.

You should be careful of your new connections and friends on social media as the day is poised to push you into a trap making you lose your money. Don’t be in a hurry to answer phone calls or mails revealing your details to unknown people.

The day will cause severe disappointment if you are out to meet people as part of professional responsibilities. If you are dealing with schools and other academic institutions, you will fail to meet target groups on time. Ultimately, you may feel you have wasted time.

The day has potential to cause deviations in main activity. You may join a group of people with concrete business ideas avoiding professional work on hand. You may visit places of entertainment and use the opportunity to discuss business matters.

Love and affections will grab your attention. You will spend time with spouse and son discussing business proposals and seeking their advice. There may be outings and hotel visits at the end of the day. If you are away from spouse and children, you may skip work to visit them.

Your aspirations will be on the rise and you may strongly feel like working towards securing govt employment. You will ignite your passions and emotions deciding to give up even your present activity as part of your preparations. You may seriously think of undergoing special training to fulfil your ambitions.

You will tend to enjoy the day. At home and work place, you will enjoy complete harmony. Friends and colleagues, especially those from the fair sex, will turn friendly and keep your spirits high. You will feel you are indebted towards well-wishers for all what they are doing for you. You will spend more time thinking about them.

You will completely be a family person willing to spend your valuable time with family members. You may bluntly reject an invitation to attend evening party with friends and colleagues as you consider that spending time with family members would be more useful than wandering along with friends.

Your creative skills will come to the fore. Your imagination, vision and thought process will reach peaks and you can put them to maximum use during the day. Your ideas will be perfect answers for somebody’s questions. The day can sow seeds for your future name and fame and prosperity and happiness.

The day may be unpalatable in many respects. You will be agitated and impatient as you fear that your hypocrisy and double nature may be exposed and your secrets may be out. You will learn you are ditched by friends.

You would be very comfortable in your new place as places do not matter for you. Old place or new place, you will continue to shine in work and show your dominance over others. Some of your colleagues would be worried over your commanding nature fearing they may be dwarfed. You may be branded as authoritative and unyielding.

You may take certain decisions on important issues that you have kept pending all these days. Your decisions will win you support from friends and well-wishers. Your mother or a motherly person at home will play key role in your decisions.