A positive attitude combined with wealth of knowledge related to your activity will produce excellent results and the day can be productive for you in multiple ways. But your negative attitude or poor knowledge can make you lose heavily.

Confusion will prevail over your financial status. You will find that your bank balance has not made considerable progress despite your expectations. Your income flow will be curtailed resulting in disappointment and you may explore reasons. But you will not fail on priority appointments.

Extremities will mark your attitude and moods. Too much aggressiveness and compassion will keep you angry and generous but you may not know how to balance both of them. Don’t think too much of anything happening around without your involvement.

The day can fully or partially reverse your expectations on money matters and you may be at a loss to understand why this is happening to you frequently. If you are expecting to clinch professional agreements, that may not happen.

Your financial position will keep you happy and hopeful. People transacting business with you will also feel happy with your sincerity and promptness. The way you keep your commitments and meet business deadlines will attract more and more customers towards you.

It can be an unproductive day for you, fully or partially. With the Nodes controlling your attitude and luck zones, it is high time that you took steps to protect your valuables.  You should keep an eye on those visiting you at home and work place.

Opportunities unveiling before you will surprise you but your present position may not allow you to make use of them. Your involvement in questionable episodes in the past may create obstacles on your path. Expected clearances for your activity may not arrive.

Looking for new business partners, you may be on the move searching for people who would lie low accepting your decisions and actions. You will look confident of achieving your aims in the next few days.

Your financial position will be more than satisfactory and you will fulfill all major commitments easily. The way you prioritise your necessities will please family elders at home. At work, your colleagues will be pleased with the way you organise your work.

Seeking to work for longer hours at your table, you will toil to reach targets and earn the appreciation of higher ups. But some colleagues may envy you for showing over enthusiasm. However, you will abundantly feel you are becoming a role model for others.

You may be a confused person not knowing what to do to safeguard your future and that of the people around. You will be financially sound but you may genuinely feel that money can’t always solve your concerns.

As you go ahead on your initiatives with a mix of sharp intellect and confidence, you may get hints of receiving concrete elevation in professional activity. This may be something long pending for you but your bosses may now find it convenient to reward you.