You may feel guilty that you have not paid attention to this pending act. But don’t worry. The day is best suitable to fix your travel plans. You will look enthusiastic and energetic as you pay attention to pending issues.

With your ruling entity Venus making rounds in the debilitation zone, financial prospects will dwindle. You may be under severe pressure to repay loans and your inability to make even partial payment will embarrass you.

Are you sharing somebody’s work at the workplace and spending overtime at the cost of your health? You may be under pressure to share the burden of your absenting colleagues. You may do it due to compulsions but you are advised not to make it a daily practice.

Your aspirations will get energised and your plans and announcements will surprise people around you. But you will not think much of others’ views while going ahead with your initiatives. You will stand your way and look determined.

The ambience in the very place that you have camped may look encouraging with people around supporting you in your endeavours.

Despite longer hours of convincing her to agree to your choices, you may find her not yielding. You must know that your daughter is also intransigent like you in all matters. But surely your tastes may thoroughly differ from hers.

Your services will be most sought after by people in public life. Your advice may be valued most by members of your group or organisation. Your opinions will form part of your group’s policies for the next season.

Spousal differences may bother you. But don’t do anything that would take things to a logical conclusion.You should not react to tiny provocations as you can’t be a reason for furthering spousal bickering. Try to maintain your cool at any cost.

You can be intelligent and tactful in dealing with people. But, most of the time, you cannot face people of rough nature or situations efficiently. You may come across such a situation and your intelligence and tact may not be helpful.

Frustration may haunt you over failures due to non-cooperation from family members. You may feel as if you are caught between the devil and deep sea. Your low earnings will keep you dissatisfied and you may think of alternative sources to improve your revenues.

You will find that people are not as receptive as they were towards you. There may be no takers for your assertions that injustice has been done to you. You may feel you have to adopt a new style.

Despite strong conviction that you have come out of recent problems, you would not be able to concentrate on work. Surely, either your problems are not fully solved or you must have wrongly felt that you have solved them.