With your benefactor Jupiter set to move into fiery regions of the zodiac in the next few days, you will look less confident. Contrary to your original character, you may look indecisive and short-tempered to the people around.

You may be slow in decision-making or your decision-making abilities may be crippled drastically. You may also face digestion issues as a result of your irregular food habits. If you are running a partnership business and leaving things to the care of partners, keep a watch on their activities.

One of your friends from the opposite sex will make you proud with his / her achievements. He or she may reach an enviable position and throw a party for you. The day will be full of fun and entertainment and you may skip your official chores for the sake of your friend.

It may be your favourable day if you are a forgotten celebrity. In case you are looking for support to stage a comeback, there will be a flood of support for you. Your unexpected presence at an event will make the people ignore its importance and think of you.

Have you set the goals of your life? Take the initiative and leave aside everything, think what you are going to become, what your goals are and how you are going to achieve them. Next, make an assessment of the resources available to you and chalk out an action plan to achieve your goals.

With Mars and Sun squaring each other, peace at home may disappear for a while. Your younger siblings can be one of the reasons for heated arguments at your home giving a clear indication that your relations have soured crossing the limits.

With your tormentor Sun being squared by Jupiter and Mars, you may be under severe stress with body pains or headache. If you are a migraine patient already, be ready for a more stressful day.

You will experience sudden developments in financial matters. People who borrowed money from you may repay you. It can be a pleasant shocker for you but there may be more pleasant things with unexpected projects coming your way.

As the day dawns, you may be gripped by the fear of meeting big challenges. The day’s celestial influences are such that even small challenges will appear very big to you. But don’t lose heart.

With the Moon moving towards your responsibility zone, you may be entrusted with an important task at the workplace. Irrespective of your liking, you will be under pressure to finish the task. You may leave your home early in the morning.

It seems you know very well how to balance your physical and mental energies even in toughest times. You may face hard nuts to crack, hard problems to solve and hard emotions to control. Yet, you would be able to handle them with ease and flexibility.

Are you in the habit of working overtime without being asked for it by anyone? That could be your strategy for future growth but what about your family life? Just leave matters of the future to destiny and try to focus on present requirements and get them fulfilled.