Your big plans may go astray due to non-arrival of funds from expected sources. There may be obstacles in the shape of objections due to faulty services or supply of faulty goods. Dissatisfaction will rule you. This may be your first such experience in recent times.

You should be very careful in handling relations with near and dear ones. Try to be fair to your loved partner in all matters to ensure that you do not face his / her wrath. You will shine in subsidiary activity and your services may be on demand.

Give up the habit of indulging in misadventures. You may bump into people with malicious intentions. Avoid picking up quarrels with new faces and you would do better by not going out alone. Be part of a group wherever you go.

If you are working towards getting a hold on the initiatives on which you have no control, you will succeed. People may realise that you were not at fault and contact you with revised proposals. This may be to your advantage but you should not be intransigent on your preconceived ideas.

As you find the day refreshing, you may think of starting new ventures. You may be fed up with existing projects making no progress and yielding no concrete results despite working hard with dedication.

You may antagonise some of your friends also with brazen decisions. If you are from the fair sex, you will have good times with more freedom in work. You will aim for long-term gains executing your plans with perfection.

The day will ensure excellent revenues if you are involved in daily-earning activity. If you are related to bigger initiatives and projects, the revenues may be whopping. Additionally, there may be more money through family members also.

People around will find you overenthusiastic and hyperactive. The day will look very bright and you are likely to make quick decisions concerning love matters or life partners. You will find the day purposeful.

It can be a day of nostalgia for you and you may go back into childhood life. You may attend an evening party where you can meet childhood friends. The day can bring to the fore many childhood memories that will keep igniting your emotions for a long time to come.

Your mind may be preoccupied with parental thoughts. You will feel that parental welfare is your top priority. If your father is staying with you, you may sit and talk to him over his health. If you are away from him at a long distance, you may try to reach him over phone and ascertain his requirements.

Are you a learner? The day is poised to provide a series of opportunities for you if you are seeking to improve knowledge through new and rare learning. Influenced by decisions of friends, you may decide to undergo training in new vistas which others have not yet touched.

You may entertain thoughts of foraying into new activities for earning better revenues. You may plan to give up your present job and launch your own activity with which you are associated. The motivation for this could be your feelings that others are better placed than you.