If you are a father, your sons or daughters may veto your decisions on investments. If you are embarking on a journey to finalise investments, they may come out with objections citing several reasons. You may be under pressure to see reason and change plans accordingly.

You will find siblings in the best of their elements. But you may be concerned over the health of one of your close friends from the opposite sex. With your financial status being healthy, you may be ready to extend a helping hand to your friends and associates.

Are you a public personality? You will find the day useful. Your unique way of interacting with people may give you new ideas to enhance your image in the society. If your hands are full with pending issues, you may add more to the list.

You may visit places to meet friends or associates to seek suggestions. It will unfold great promise for you and for your family. Your family will feel that you are on the right track and your decisions will go a long way in consolidating the family’s financial base.

Are you involved in love affairs? You need to handle love matters very carefully as the day plays the role of spoilsport. Being the worst day, your major decisions can be faulty. You may make wrong decisions with overconfidence. Short temperament will be the guiding factor.

You are, therefore, advised to avoid outside food. Be careful of what you drink and eat and the places you visit. There may be long-distance communications from your loved ones for inquiring about your health and financial status. You will try to be enthusiastic.

You will realise that your rivals are in a powerful position. It is not that you are very weak but surely you are lacking in additional support. There is nothing you can do with all your plans and ideas going astray. Wait for an opportunity to act.

Journey of combust Mercury in your ruling quarters will keep you subdued as health issues grab your attention. A family member may need medical attention seeking your time and money. There may be visits to nearby clinics.

You may be entrusted with more responsibilities, and of course, with a strong assurance on monetary benefits. You are likely to be on greater demand from known and unknown people. If you are a trader, you may be under pressure to hire more people to assist you.

You will make new social and business connections through social media platforms. People staying a long distance may contact you seeking your services. There may also be the arrival of guests. With Saturn guarding your health, you may attract seasonal issues of cold or fever.

Are you a decision-making authority in your sphere of activity? You will receive gifts from people favoured by you. In money matters, you will be more comfortable than your expectations. There may be good news from a son or daughter staying a long distance.

If you are in a live-in relationship, it is time for you to sort out issues bothering you for a long time. If you are working in government related agencies, you may undertake travels. If you are a loner, you may spend most of your time on your social media platforms.