Have you scheduled a journey for professional or personal purposes? It would be better for you to postpone it. The day’s celestial influences suggest that you may be in a hurry to undertake journeys despite your knowledge that things are not favourable for you.

There might be a war of words with your spouse. You may face complaints that you are sparing more time for friends and parties than for the family members. There may be complaints galore from children also that their demands have been kept pending for a long time.

It seems you are in the habit of taking a stroll in the morning or evening. But try to be conscious of what is happening and who is moving around you. There are chances that you may be hit by speeding vehicles.

The day shows a great pathway for settlement of your financial problems. You may be under stress to repay your credit card dues or accumulated personal loans to banks. With a lot of activity going on in your health zone, you may be subjected to severe pain in your ankles.

With your sixth sign Capricorn hosting the transit of Venus and Mercury, you are advised to take extra precautions during journeys. The day’s celestial influences are prone to causing major or minor injuries in mishaps.

You will learn that officials are not favouring your proposals or extending support. Your confidence levels will be low and you will not dare move ahead. If you are a techie, you may undertake professional travels.

It seems you are still in a holiday mood. Just come out of it as you need to attend to pending work, including financial commitments and scheduled lunch or dinner meetings with friends or colleagues.

You will have enough time for fun and entertainment with the arrival of guests from far and near. You will spare time for shopping and sightseeing visits. At the workplace, new members may join you, sharing your burden.

If you are a youngster working among seniors, you will exhibit excellent skills in your work. At official meetings, you may be asked to explain your way of dealing with problems for the sake of your colleagues.

Suddenly, you may turn romantic as you realise that you are not paying much attention to your love matters. You may turn emotional as you feel that you are neglecting the likes of your loved one.

Several low-lying issues in which you are involved may resurface to your embarrassment. The day may give fresh life to your dead mental agony all of a sudden. There may be some sort of turbulence in your mind that keeps you on tenterhooks.

With Mars and Sun squaring your ruling entity Jupiter, your options will be wide open. You will see several choices but you may not be able to decide on your priorities and make concrete decisions.