If you want to improve relations with friends or colleagues, it could be the best day. If you are serious, strains in relations that have crept in unknowingly can be swiftly eliminated with your initiatives. You may attend special events as part of your duties.

You may surely be a hard-working person carrying credentials of a workaholic. But you may be monotonous causing irritation to others and not trying to change yourself in tune with the changing work ethics.

Your spouse may support you fully and even give you a good suggestion about their welfare. It may be a pleasant surprise for you. You may feel proud of your spouse for timely and appropriate advice.

You may tend to fulfil wishes of your father and take him to religious places situated at short and long-distance places. Journeys will give you vast knowledge of places, people, history and culture. You will feel great about your work.

You may be burdened with additional work and this may force you to spend extra time at workplace. You may begin the day positively but end it with disappointment. Is this happening to you frequently? If so, try to stick to timings strictly.

Your financial relations with small or big organisations may be in jeopardy. Small disputes or misunderstandings may come to the fore and be blown out of proportion by adversaries. It may be intentional on their part just to embarrass you or to cut short their dealings with you.

You may be more interested in official work than in personal life. There will be more challenges to tackle and more people to meet as you discharge official chores. You may embark on a mission to become closer to near and dear ones.

The day may give you immense pleasure as you experience results of hard work. You will feel proud of what is happening to you. Friends and family members may appreciate you for your diligence, intelligence and timely initiatives.

With Mars guiding your thought process and Saturn controlling your attitude, you may lose cool temperament and acquire a touch of aggressiveness. You may look commanding and dominating to people around, and you will feel that you are not answerable to anyone.

You will be highly attentive to growing needs of family members, especially to the requirements of parents. There will be full spousal cooperation in meeting their requirements. There may be visits to temples or religious places located in distant terrains.

You will feel easy at workplace and happy with domestic environment. You will feel blessed while discharging domestic and official chores. You will meet people of integrity.

In fact, with Southern Node influencing your injuries zone, you should not visit unfamiliar places. If it is compulsory for you to visit these places for professional purposes, engage the services of others to avid risk.