With Moon also joining Northern Node, the day can be sour in many respects. If you are indulging in big business activity, you may face obstacles from law-enforcers or stake-holders in your activity. You may be asked to provide explanations on financial perspectives or technical issues.

You may be under adverse influence of unworthy friends who take you for granted. But do you know that sins are sins until they become crimes? Your easygoing attitude and recklessness in choosing friends could be a reason for your going astray.

You will enjoy complete peace and harmony at work place and home. In interactions with friends and colleagues, you may speak on healthy foods and habits. You will pose as if you are a dietician.

The day will be excellent in terms of work. You may meet top level dignitaries as part of work schedules. You may also come to know that professional rivals are trying to copy things from your success book.

It can be hectic for you at work but despite that, you will be concerned with your mother's health. You may like to spend some time with your mother, talking to her and trying to know her welfare.

You may go on a pleasure trip along with friends but take care to keep off water bodies. As the day is prone to cause distress, you must not venture into water to avoid tragedies. You should also inform parents where you are planning to go and when you want to return.

It seems you are running after professional rivals who are now left in the lurch. You may be having a long list of rivals who need to be checked but your strategy seems to be vindictive.

You will insist that you are right and people around are wrong. You may argue that you have excellent decision-making abilities while others are not blessed with such ability.

Putting in maximum effort to be your true self, you may think of taking decisions in inimitable style. You may look commanding and aggressive to some but unfortunately you will find others putting brakes on your way.

Your mind will be full of novel ideas aimed at furthering your activity. You will probably begin looking for support from friends and well-wishers. But you must be ready to answer questions or clarify doubts of friends to get their support.

Your spouse may look impatient and recall some past incidents that left her bitter memories behind. She may keep talking about her bad experiences and this may embarrass you. Your appeals not to think of the past may fall on deaf ears.

You may toy with the idea of adding more activities to your present activityYou will no doubt spare time to explore more avenues to increase financial status and bank coffers. Lengthy meetings with friends are possible.