Control of Mars over your rival zone will keep you busy this week and you may be obsessed with rivalries. You will realise that you have more foes than friends and need to refurbish your image. You may think of changing tactics and adopting short-cut methods to take on professional rivals.

Concentrating on outward appearance and physical shapes this week, you may initiate steps to improve your features. You may strive to reduce your weight as part of your efforts. If you are a celebrity, you will have troubled times and face flak for your statements and actions.

You may be following the same old techniques which have driven you towards repeated failures. The techniques you once used may not be useful to present activity. In changed circumstances, you must use changed techniques in tune with the latest trends. Or else, you will move in retrogression.

Are you known for discontinuing your activity or giving breaks half-way through? You must have resorted to this practice not less than a dozen times so far. If you are planning to launch a new activity, take a pledge to not give it up mid-way. Make sure that you work with dedication and take things to a logical conclusion.

In the process of fulfilling dreams, you may seek the support of outsiders too but at every stage you may doubt people. As the week progresses, you will realise that your suspicions are wrong.

You may be relatively free as you do not indulge in any sort of productive work. Confusion will rule your mind despite your vast experience. If you have lost some important projects to professional rivals in recent times, you will try to gain them back but without concrete results.

Long-distance communications may please you or you may receive costly gifts. Or, there may be encouraging developments at the workplace. If you expect a hike in your remuneration, it may happen this week.

As Venus keeps company of energiser Sun for an entire week, you may be immersed in hectic activity at the workplace with your body and soul paying full concentration towards official chores. At the end of the week, you may feel tired. If you are involved in big business activity getting daily revenues, you may witness lows in revenues.

You may be on the lookout for something new and new experiences. With Mercury moving in retrograde motion, you may think of old friends and habits. You may want to visit betting centres. The week’s celestial influences have high potential to single you out for wrong doings.

Are you a self-made business person working hard and generating daily revenues? Despite your hard work and dedication, the week’s celestial influences may disappoint you to the core in money matters. The expected revenue may not arrive. You will be fed up with delaying tactics adopted by customers or clients.

Generally, your friends may never leave you alone and your actions and decisions may reveal that you are depending more on them for everything. Some of your actions may, however, displease them.

You may succeed in procuring all permissions for new initiatives. But know that you have a weak and incapable marketing team due to which your business volumes are dull and slow. Adopt techniques being implemented by successful entrepreneurs.