Looking dynamic and moving with high levels of confidence, you will feel great about yourself. If you belong to the fair sex seeking favours from elders at home or senior colleagues at work place, make your moves with positive mind.

As you are likely to develop sudden health problems, don’t fail to ensure that you are not alone. If you are a homemaker and there is no one to share your domestic work, take the help of neighbours. Don’t strain beyond certain limits.

You may receive a communication favouring the youngster about her pursuits. If you are a student yourself, you will be the reason for celebrations at home with your success in academic pursuits. There will be smiles on your face and you will keep others elated.

If you are a business personality, you may be under pressure to fly to a distant soil to clinch deals or meet associates. If you are already in a foreign location, you may have a hectic schedule. You will be active.

You should be cautious enough if you are a public personality planning to meet people or participate in public discussions. You may be dragged into controversies or provoked into acting in a violent manner at events or public places. You will lose nothing if you maintain cool despite provocations. Show logic and wisdom in your interactions.

There would be people ready to come to your aid and help you in times of distress to some extent. But you may be on the lookout for bigger things and beyond. Make sure that you are not greedy and over expecting. You may come up with new requests in your interactions.

You will therefore fail to react to events openly adopting a wait and watch attitude. You will try to be secretive and indirect in your dealings and interactions. You will be reserved.

Are you on the lookout for work? You may hear good news as you come across a plethora of opportunities. You may be thrilled to know that vacancies are emerging in your chosen sphere of activity.

Set out your priorities and then dream about them. Act with good planning to fulfil your dreams. But the problem is you may abandon your initiatives half way through due to lack of proper resources. There is no harm in dreaming big but you must necessarily learn pooling up resources also.

You may feel that knowledge is of immense importance to you. It can’t be an exaggeration if someone among friends says that you have not yet quenched your thirst for knowledge. True, you may go into research mode exploring things and knowing more and more of your activity.

Are you adopting changes in your style of working and dealings with people? But before opting for drastic changes, assess the results of your present working style to know whether it is fully flawed or partially impaired. Instead of seeking a complete change over, just try amending your style a little bit. It may be enough to bring about quantitative and qualitative changes.

You will know the reasons for your plans going wrong in the past. Realisation will dawn that you are not living the way you wanted to. The soul-searching would be helpful in shaping your future and relations with others.