You may be generally a person with practical outlook having abilities to analyse situations and events. But you may come across people and occasions wherein you may not get the opportunity to understand their statements and actions and see the hidden meanings.

You may feel you are naturally talented enough to work on multiple initiatives simultaneously and successfully. You must also have tasted success many times in the past but you may now feel that you are lacking in concentration in recent times and unable to do justice to all your initiatives.

With Sun set to move into Aquarius in the next 24 hours, you may think of taking up multiple activities for enhancing your income. The problem with you is that you will think of various things but can’t decide on any particular thing.

Despite being a strong-minded individual, you may continue to depend on others. People close to you must have appreciated you for being sharp and tight in planning and implementing the initiatives perfectly in the past.

Tackling financial compulsions will form part of your priorities for the day. But you may be thoroughly disappointed with your failure to find an instant solution to all issues at a time. Intentionally or unintentionally, you may be on the lookout for new hand loans from friends and cousins.

You may push yourself into a dilemma on important issues governing your father. The main issue may relate to his welfare and your dilly-dallying on taking decisions may lower his morale. Your procrastination may further damage his mental condition.

Your name and fame in the neighbourhood will shoot up thanks to achievements of youngsters in your family, mostly college-going girls. Academic or professional achievements on their part will keep your morale high and give a big boost to your future plans.

Are you part of a trekking group in remote hilly terrains? The day’s celestial influences are such that you may become adventurous, split from the main group and go astray in search of something new.

As you feel that you are not strong financially, you may cancel a decision to go on a shopping spree. You may default on promises made to family members, including small kids. Your assertions may send your spouse and others into confusion.

With Sun set to leave Capricorn in the next 24 hours, you may run out of luck in your personal or professional dealings. If you are expecting the arrival of funds from sources abroad, it may not materialise.

The day’s celestial influences will boost up your confidence levels turning you into an entity of over confidence. You may feel all your problems are over and you are out of the woods permanently.

People around may know that you are a person of understanding and reciprocation. At the workplace, colleagues may carry a high opinion that you are capable of turning strained relationships into affable combinations with your tact and diplomacy. You will get an opportunity to stand up to your reputation.