As you begin the week with Mercury’s entry into your ruling quarters, you may limit or restrict your responsibilities this week.

With Venus joining hands with Northern Node in your ruling quarters, you may want to impose your will on family members.

Presence of Mars in your ruling quarters can turn you innovative this week. You will be rich in ideas and your thought process will be full of creativity.

Transit of benefactor Mars in your comforts zone will help you improve relations with cousins and siblings. You will find the week interesting and highly beneficial.

Slow-traveller Saturn’s subdued journey in distant regions of the natural zodiac may invoke your hidden emotions this week. If you are living on a foreign soil, you may become home sick for several reasons.

With Northern Node and Venus together guiding your fortunes, the week will keep you comfortable in financial matters and other respects. You will aggressively fulfil key commitments and spare enough time to attend to domestic issues to help family elders.

With both Jupiter and Mercury keeping an eye on your ruling quarters, creative ideas will keep you active and your confidence levels will be high this week.

Southern Node’s influence on ruling quarters may force you to take a look at the activities of youngsters in family this week.

Jupiter’s blissful journey in Aries will energise your body and soul and keep you elated this week. You may try to balance the budget factors in an effort to adopt best practices.

With Mars moving in inimical regions of the natural zodiac, you may feel you are facing difficult circumstances this week. You will recognise the need to discuss nagging issues with family members, especially with spouse.

Jupiter’s transit in relations zone will keep your image on a high this week. You may treat the present social atmosphere prevailing around as a blessing in disguise.

Despite the adversity you face, the week’s celestial influences will give you relief in financial matters and you will feel elated. With Jupiter moving in the celestial financial regions, your financial freedom will reach peaks as your bank account receives funds from sources.