Your decisions can be momentary but you may not like to be branded as a person of short temperament and sudden decisions. You may feel you shouldn’t give a damn to what others think about you but go by your thought process.

You may be haunted by strong desire to use fresh talent at workplace, purchase fresh brands of electronic items and think repeatedly afresh on key issues. You may hear of new models of mobile phones or laptops storming the market and develop instant liking for such products.

Domestic urgencies and issues related to mother or a motherly person at home may grab your attention. You may accompany her to a religious place or spiritual teacher on an important mission.

You will be the best of your stuff. You may genuinely feel you are an embodiment of planning, execution, generosity, leadership and dynamism. With positive qualities growing high, you will give top priority to professional chores.

As you fail to shed mental tensions, repeated thinking over certain issues will keep you agitated.  You will spend a restless day and look highly moody over your relationships. You may be in dilemma over taking key decisions.

Pending tasks will haunt you to the edge at home and workplace. While your tasks are heavy and time-consuming, you may run short of technical people to assist you in finishing them on time.

You may be running low in confidence but you will continue to be intransigent on finishing your tasks well before deadlines. Surprisingly, even as you work on old initiatives, you may be entrusted with new tasks.

Don’t confine your thoughts to rivals and their actions but pay attention to your professional aspects also choosing the right path. Actions are actions and they can’t be reactions to others’ actions.

You will be dynamic and fiery as ever but some may try to cool your tempers and downgrade your spirits. It could be your bête-noirs or even some of the people around you.

Necessity and convenience will rule your thought process while inconsistency guides your emotions and actions. You will blow hot and cold and be receptive and non-receptive to issues equally depending on convenience.

You may feel like giving up your rigid thinking towards some of the people around you. You will recognise the need to change yourself and exhibit your generosity towards them. Accordingly, you may change your stance and think of extending the needed favours to them.

You will be highly emotional and passionate over your whims and fancies. Your thinking dynamics will be guided by less of logic and more of aggressiveness.