You will remain highly confident this week. Your efforts to reverse earlier upsets and create a new trend to achieve success may produce tangible results to your satisfaction

You may think of impressing old friends who have distanced themselves from you. Your assertions will be clearly aimed at re-establishing old relationships.

You will find that men and women in high places are attracted to you. Women may also find it necessary to move among groups of decision-makers to attain required favours.

As realisation dawns upon you, you will recognise the need to adopt a flexible approach and go with others in taking forward your initiatives.

Your entrepreneurial skills will come to the fore and you may attend business seminars or workshops to sharpen your strategies.

At the workplace, you may be asked to handle additional responsibilities. You may express displeasure. It’s better to keep your mind to yourself with patience.

Your social and family relations may reach their lowest ebb this week. You will find siblings making strong moves on property matters and indulging in awkward mannerisms over pending issues

Good things will happen to you in your sphere of activity. If you are into secret activity of any sort, you may strongly think there is no need to work in secrecy any longer.

You may think of harping on the mistakes of others. Instead of correcting yourself for a healthy future and reconstructing your path to success, you may tread the wrong path.

Professional guidance can be the necessity of the week for you. You may be sure that you are in need of certain suggestions from elderly or experienced people.

Guided by strong fears that running after materialistic life have strained you a lot, you may look for ways to have some sort of relief from routine activity this week.

You should be open in your love matters to enable things move forward successfully. You’ll feel you should have revealed your preferences long back.