As delay continues to guide your operations, you will feel you are handicapped in most respects. Others working with you may think that your actions are not in tune with your objectives and you have gone astray in your overenthusiasm.

With Mars and Northern Node controlling your ruling quarters, you will be under pressure to take decisive action on certain things concerning your daughter. But you are advised to take an independent decision instead of depending on somebody for guidance.

It may be a difficult day for you in terms of status in society. If you are a celebrity, certain sections may be up in arms against you with individuals trying to defame you citing your involvement in controversial issues.

You seem to have realised that you are moving on a wrong path and committing the same mistake again and again. But you seem to be learning nothing from past experiences. You will continue to depend on fresh loans to come out of your financial problem.

Genuine realization may dawn upon you and you may opt to have deep repentance. You will realise you have erred in handling relations and you need to make amendments with a view to normalising conjugal relation with your spouse. Concerned about your image at the workplace, you may exercise your authority with all your commanding skills.

You will be busy at home and at your workplace. Important guests may arrive at home while at the workplace, you may try hard to cope with new bosses. You may be sure that your spouse can handle guests at home but you would be confused with the onset of a new atmosphere at the office.

You must be passing through hard times in recent days with a lot of work pressure. Added to this, you must also have been burdened with pending domestic issues. Why don’t you review your priorities and ascertain if you really want to give strain to your mind and body continuously?

Are you trying to associate yourself with influential men and women? With your ruling entity Mars moving now in the company of Northern Node, it would be better if you approach them through your common friends.

Love matters will flourish and you will strive to fulfil a great promise you have made to your sweetheart. If you are involved in a live-in relationship, you will find the day most useful and helpful to cement your bond.

The day will prove that you are creative and your options are unlimited. You may no longer beat around the bush in expressing your views and you will find that various forms of expressing views are now accessible to you.

You seem to be thinking that you are working with precision on your initiatives but the day’s celestial influences can force things to go messy. Later in the day, you may realise that you have flopped to guess the manipulations of professional rivals in your sphere of activity and outsmart them.

You may find your spouse unusually aggressive at home and you may be solely responsible for this. Try to assess the reasons for her changing temperament quite often. She may not like your attitude in wasting money on useless things that you have taken up against her advice.