Your friends and associates may consider you as the most dependable person. They will depend on you for quick solutions and proper guidance. Your quick thinking and ability to take instant decisions in fast- paced environment will keep you on a high pedestal and make people seek your services.

As Northern Node continues to keep company of Mars in ruling quarters Taurus, you may give importance to imagination and your dreams may go wild. There are chances that you may instantly come in contact with con men and women well-versed in attracting people with their sweet talking.

The day’s celestial influences may provide room for qualitative changes in professional activity and relations. You will find atmosphere at workplace very congenial and encouraging.

The day’s celestial influences will force you to continue aggressive attitude purposefully. With benefactor Mars influencing your communication skills, you will look commanding in every respect.

There can be unrest in your mind. If you are a working woman, you will find it difficult to cope with work schedules. But your interactions with colleagues at workplace will enrich your thoughts and provide you with deep planning apparatus for implementing your ideas.

You may feel proud of your achievements and the milestones you are about to reach. But what makes you different from others is your intransigence to continue with your efforts till you achieve the goals.

Are you worried over the tardy progress of your initiatives? You need not worry as you are likely to get indications of your initiatives moving forward somehow. Suddenly, you may hear supporting words from friends or officials.

The day may be difficult for you in most respects due to your misgivings. Haunted by suspicions that you are surrounded by aliens, you may fear to interact with new faces.

Are you enjoying celebrity status? Your name and fame may reach peaks and more and more people may flock to you. Signing new agreements and attending family or professional events may consume most of your day.

You may be visited by talented people of different spheres. You may be under obligation to associate with celebrities directly or indirectly for a cause. If you are visiting long-distance places as part of professional obligations, you may be held up somewhere due to logistics’ problems despite finishing your work on time.

Have you turned inquisitive about friends who have leaked your secrets? You may achieve breakthrough in your efforts but there will be little you can do against your friends.

Saturn’s retrogression in your discomforts zone can take you towards some sort of trouble. There may be last-minute cancellation of agreements or you may be under severe pressure to repay bank loans or hand loans.