If you are working on an initiative, you will be made to stop thinking about it and discuss something else. Your problem is your friends’ circle and you will continue to be under their misleading influence. You may undertake short travels for domestic purposes at short notice.

You will begin the day on a positive note but run through negative feelings gradually as the day progresses. Your greediness will be in full display.

The day can make your family proud. A member of your family, your college-going daughter or an earning professional staying with you, may carry good news over academic or professional achievements. You will be jubilant throughout the day.

Harmony, negotiations and affections will replace strains, misunderstandings and hatred and you will find you are moving parallel with others. Get-togethers and family events will help you keep your profile high.

If you don’t allow your egoistic emotions to dictate terms to you, the differences may die down as the day progresses. Try to be cool in your personal or official interactions to avoid bitter experiences during the day.

You may tend to be secretive in your endeavours but it may create suspicions in the minds of close friends about your agenda. It will be very difficult for people to understand you and to assess what is going on in your mind.

The day’s celestial influences are unfavourable in money matters. If you are in the habit of sharing trading at the bourses or gambling at the race course, you will aim high and lose big. You will associate with new speculators.

Unexpected financial expenditure may send you from pillar to post seeking support of friends or colleagues. Despite support pouring in, you will find that you have left some of your tasks unfinished at the end of the day.

Inactive attitude will guide you in personal or official interactions and you will feel that you are under attack from different directions.Depressive tendencies may pervade you the whole day at your workplace or home.

Both negative and positive shades may enrich your thought process. Moving with friends involved in unfair practices and controversies, you may take key decisions based on their guidance.

You may be preoccupied with a plethora of activities but your main concern will revolve around money matters. You will be aggressive at the workplace but family matters may take a back seat.

It seems you are deeply immersed in efforts in changing strategies. Your idea is good but your rivals also may entertain such thoughts and you should hurry.