Control of Mars over your rival zone will keep you busy this week and you may be obsessed with rivalries. You will realise that you have more foes than friends and need to refurbish your image. You may think of changing tactics and adopting short-cut methods to take on professional rivals.

You will feel you are in an uncomfortable zone at the workplace. Notwithstanding natural talents to adjust yourself in a new work atmosphere, you may feel homesick and think of parents and friends. You will strive to highlight your role in changed circumstances.

You will continue to enjoy elevated financial status. With ruling entity Mercury moving in retrogression and trying to take control of your decision-making skills, you may tend to work on consolidating secret sources of income. Women may play a vital role in your activity, and if you are from the fair sex, you may play a key role for the progress of others.

Presence of Mars in the expenditure zone may leave you dissatisfied. You may run out of luck losing money and wasting efforts in your pursuits. Visits to important places will leave you disappointed as you attract new troubles.

You may not be a person to be disappointed by failures in your sphere of activity. As you take failures in the right spirit, you may review one of your recent major failures and decide in favour of reviving the initiative with irrevocable determination to succeed this time.

Are you a celebrity of sorts? You may reject an offer for small-time engagements. Money matters do not count for you but you are obsessed with quantity. You might have rejected many such proposals in the past but rejection of the day’s offer may later cause you some dismay.

You may try to be open, freely expressing views and talking sweet things. People around will be pleased with your communication abilities and with the way you have been conducting yourself.

It can be a special day for you in terms of relations, success and happiness. As benevolent Jupiter guides affairs in the celestial zone of gains, you may hear some sort of good news from one of your siblings, friends or colleagues staying long distance.

Are you visiting new places or camping already in an alien place? With your benefactor Mercury moving in retrogression, you should be prepared to face untoward incidents in your activity and in your interactions with people.

Your financial aspects will come to the fore and you will be at the receiving end for your omissions and commissions. You may be convinced into spending hard-earned money for the welfare of others.

If you are active on social media platforms, you will try to make new friends from unknown horizons. It seems you are continuously trying to change friends without moving close to anyone. You may be right.