You may be preoccupied with secondary activity as you think it would give you good returns. Still, you will not be able to fulfil your commitments and have additional worries with your sick father’s health getting complicated. Revenues will come down drastically.

You may postpone key decisions and your spouse may not like this. It would be better if you seek advice from family elders. Despite unhappiness, you will maintain physical health and work with enthusiasm. In financial matters, you will cross budget estimates and buy problems midweek.

If you are a victim of strained conjugal life through your actions, the week unveils opportunities to set right things. If you are at fault, make amendments without hesitation but if your spouse is at fault, allow him / her to mend ways. Dragging things to a collapsible edge doesn’t serve any purpose. Warning bells regarding health issues are served.

People close to you may think that the week is yours. Protagonists of your doings may blindly follow you if you are a social reformer. But don’t try to keep off the truth that it can be a week of litmus test for you.

our feelings that your hands are tied up will no longer bother you. So far, you might have felt that you have been pulled back at every step. However, starting midweek, things will improve and you will look more confident and energetic. Friends will support you.

This may not be a productive week for you for undertaking long journeys. If you have planned long journeys, it would be better if you postpone them. It is especially necessary if your father is part of your travel plans. At work, you may face peculiar situations and may not be able to concentrate due to strain from hectic schedules.

The week ahead will keep you happy as it has potential to improve the health of your father. But emotions will run high in the family. Great warmth will mark your spousal relations and you will have reasons to celebrate. Your efforts to expand, or launch new, initiatives will get a big boost with support forthcoming from long-distance friends.

You may receive a jolt in love matters this week. You may be haunted by strong feelings that your partner is not reciprocating your gestures. Your calls may not be answered leaving you wondering about your love. But you are likely to receive good support for your new initiatives from friends and family.

Being proud of short-term relationships, you will boast of your growing circle of friends. But the week’s celestial influences can be damaging and you are advised not to visit water bodies. You will be inspired to take up a project abandoned midway, with the support of colleagues and friends.

Flawless planning and perfect implementation will help you finish targets on time this week. But it would be different if you are involved in any secret activity. The week will bring you closer to near and dear ones and you will discuss important family or business matters with parents. Long-distance communications will fetch good news.

You will feel dull and lethargic with low resistance levels. A fear complexion will grip you and you may not feel like taking up journeys this week. For no fault of yours, you may be hated by friends and colleagues while your family members may find it difficult to believe you.

Love matters may seek your attention this week. You may be under obligation to fulfil a promise you made to your sweetheart. Shopping or visits to entertainment places are on the anvil. Women may bump into old friends at market places.