Are you a youngster expecting results of competitive exams in which you took part recently?  If you have recently grabbed a job, you will draw appreciation from colleagues. If you are seeking a fresh job, intensify your efforts as the planets favour you fully.

Complete peace and harmony will rule your day both at workplace and home. Perfect understanding will mark spousal relations at home while at workplace, you will be looked upon with great reverence.

It seems you are worried a lot as you feel that your love matters are stagnated. But the day is best for taking forward your love. As you are capable of taking independent decisions, discuss ideas with your sweetheart directly on how to take forward your love.

You are advised to make use of your resources to face challenges ahead. You will be rich in thoughts with a strong preconceived notion that you are unaffected by the resource strength of new adversaries.

You may be preoccupied with new responsibilities and people around may expect greater things from you. Here is an opportunity and you may go whole hog to make use of it and prove your abilities to do greater and risky things. High levels of confidence will take you forward.

You will only see positive side of people’s actions and assertions even as you fail to see the underlying deceptiveness or hidden meanings. This may be against your natural grasping power and the day’s celestial influences will fail you.

Spousal relations and love and affections with near and dear ones will take centre stage. With Mars continuing to influence you directly, you may feel deception has crept into spousal relations. If you are a member of the fair sex, certain preconceived notions will force you to arrive at conclusions.

Are you worried that you are unable to complete the tasks on hand on time?  If you have kept a hospital visit to see someone pending, do it without delay. If your spouse is seeking your time to accompany her to a temple or spiritual centre, accompany her with all your grace.

The day will give you plenty of time to discuss personal issues with siblings. Your financial concerns could be main point of discussion and you may want to solve them with the cooperation of brothers or sisters.

Your priority for the day may revolve around problems created by some workers or colleagues at workplace. You may learn that the trouble-creators are also supported by people inimical to you.

If you are meeting government officials as part of professional chores, you will get excellent support for your ideas. You will receive useful tips from unexpected sources over new initiatives. You will begin and end the day on a note of success. Short travels are on the anvil.

Colleagues at workplace may find you disturbed and lacking in concentration. Even as you are physically present at workplace, your mind may be present somewhere else as you keep thinking of family financial problems and immediate commitments.