But people working for you will continue to test your patience, making irrelevant remarks on your activity and provoking you at times. As Jupiter continues to influence your decision-making abilities, you will turn a fire brand.

If you have fallen out with friends resulting in an unexplained gap, take the initiative to send across a message of goodwill. Try to remember your recent decisions and actions and if you are the reason for the face-off, make amendments to your behaviour.

It will be a peaceful week for you at home. But at the workplace, you may feel embarrassed with work schedules undergoing change and more tedious work being entrusted to you. Dissatisfaction will keep you disturbed and diverted as there may not be any monetary benefits coming your way on a par with changes in your work.

If you are heading a team consisting of female members at the workplace, they will play a key role in enhancing your worth among colleagues. On the domestic front, you may face different things and your spouse may seek answers to certain questions.

Your colleagues at your workplace may find you arguing on useless things. You may feel that you are arguing for a purpose but others will feel differently. If you want to consolidate your social image, your arguments should be logical and purposeful.

At home and workplace, women may dominate your life and try to dictate terms to you this week whether you like it or not. At home, your spouse may give you certain commands which you can’t fail to observe.

You may buy spiritual books or meet up with people well-versed in spiritual matters this week. You will learn new things on why spiritual life is superior to materialistic life.

Your close friends may be keen to know what you are doing. It would be better if you share your ideas with others and elicit their opinions on how best you are going to shape up your future.

At the workplace, you may compare your status with several others working under you, forcing you to feel better. You may aim at making new friends who can support you fully in times of distress.

Redesigning your priorities, you will not care much for professional work but move with urgency on issues concerning family. You will dedicate your time and energy to ensure the happiness of all family members.

Irrespective of your activity, your commands will be obliged in letter and spirit. Your journeys will be successful and your conversations beneficial. Some of your decisions may positively affect your social image.

Your commitment to the cause for which you have been working may be questioned this week. You may be under pressure to review your activity to assess if it is true that you were involved in questionable activities. Your postures of innocence may not convince others.