Your professionalism will be at its best and you will make a mark with workmanship. If you are in troubleshooting activity, you will prove your talents with excellent support from colleagues. Your ideas will work as a morale booster for people around you.

If you feel you are handicapped due to lack of sufficient knowledge related to your sphere of activity, you should sincerely try to make use of the opportunities coming your way. You may hear of new facilities coming up in your area.

You will find time to explore more avenues to supplement your income. Meetings with important officials or old friends are on the anvil. You may visit certain places to gain firsthand information related to your future plans or initiatives.

Do you feel that your college-going son or daughter is making independent decisions without consulting you? You may feel they have not grown up to the stage of taking independent decisions. However, they may think they are mature enough to make decisions on their own.

If you are related to the entertainment field, you will find all round support from friends in going ahead with your projects. If you have friends related to the entertainment field, you may extend whole hearted support.

You will have a tense day if you are involved in scandals or controversies.You may go from pillar to post meeting your contacts to save your skin but you will not make headway in your mission. It can be a disappointing day for you.

It can be in the shape of a breakdown of your vehicle, heavy traffic jam or even inaccessibility of roads. It can upset your plans and you may miss key appointments. Why don’t you explore the options of communicating?

Expenditure from secret activity may go up to your detriment. You will have to spend big money on account of issues which you can’t disclose to others. There may be a big hole in your bank balance at the end of the day.

You may target bigger things but can’t carry others with you. You will realise that you are in total confusion. Lack of proper planning and absence of convincing abilities may be the sole reason.

You will try to know the mindset of children or youngsters at home. You may spare time to interact with them and assess their requirements. There may be visits to spiritual or entertainment places or shopping centres to please them.

You will keep aside all main thoughts and deviate from mainstream thinking. You may spend most of your time in an unproductive manner chatting on social media or speaking to friends. Vagueness will control your thought-process.

It can be a day of excitement for you. If you are new to your job or place, you would be excited about a new role in a new organisation and in a new place. You will realise that others competing with you are also smart and it is very difficult to outsmart them. Not minding much, you would be eager to finish tasks.